Offering a bespoke service in the sourcing of suitable land and construction of your off-plan property.

Construction of your own bespoke property is by far the best option when considering purchasing a second home.  It allows you to incorporate your own ideas into every aspect of the design both internally and externally, right down to the finest detail. But by far the biggest advantage to building your own property is that the price you pay is the building cost price, not the re-sale value which is normally higher. 


Step 1

The starting point is always to discuss with you your requirements and budget. Once this is established, next we need to choose the right plot of land as this will determine building size, views and internal accommodation and facilities. Once our research into suitable land is complete, together we will inspect each plot for its suitability allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing the final plot. It is at this stage we can give you an estimate of the cost of the finished property.


Step 2

Working with a local architect, your ideas will start to take shape in the form of design plans. Using the latest technology, we will produce life like graphic images of the finished property allowing you to really get a feel for it. A firm price for the completed projected will be given to you, with all the costs and timescales detailed. This will incorporate budgets for fixtures and fittings such as bathroom suites and kitchens.


Step 3

Once you are happy with the end result, we will ask you to sign an agreement guaranteeing the workmanship, standard of materials to be used, payments and completion.  Work will then begin on preparing and submitting the required architectural plans prior to building work commencing.


Step 4

Start building! We personally project manage each build and are on-site every day that work takes place. At each stage within the building process we will submit regular reports to you to include photos and video, in the event you are unable to come to Kalkan or Kas to view progress in person.


Step 5

Once the property is complete and the necessary ‘living permission’ certificates obtained, we will invite you to inspect the property, hand over the keys, and generally celebrate your new purchase. Congratulations!


Points to consider

-          Most projects, for example a 4 bedroom villa, can be completed during the six months building season of May to November.  Bigger projects however may stretch over two building seasons. 

-          All agreements will be in English and Turkish and notarised.

-          At least one ‘shopping’ trip to Kalkan or Kas is advised, so that you can personally choose your fixtures and fitments as included in the price. This is the fun bit!

-          Payments are staged throughout the build process allowing us to keep the costs down. The final payment is due once we have obtained the required ‘living permission’ documentation, you have inspected the property and we have handed over the keys.