Renovation Services

Whether your property is in need of a ‘make-over’ or a little modernisation, to full restoration and renovation services we are able to help. Please contact us for a quote.

This is a specialist service and should not be undertaken by just anyone. 

Kalkan and Kas are steeped in history.  Just walk through the ‘old quarter’ of Kalkan or the cobbled streets of Kas and marvel at the white, typically Mediterranean buildings with their thick walls and crooked windows.  We can restore most building to their former natural glory and in keeping with the natural environment and surroundings.  

Village house are filled with character and uniqueness and as such offer a wide scope for improvement by combining modern appliances within a natural rustic setting. 

Certain buildings within the centres of Kalkan and Kas have preservation orders on them, therefore it is important that restoration is undertaken by skilled craftsmen.  We use local craftsmen who have learned there trade over the years and have a vested interest in ensuring their local surroundings are kept beautiful.